Harvey has been DJing as Docterre (it seemed like a cool name when he was 16) for several years, playing whatever it takes to get a party started, keep it going or bring it to a crescendo.

In theory, he's open to taking requests, but realistically, it's unlikely that he will have Cotton Eye Joe. (Someone legit requested this while he was playing once and when he said he didn't have it they asked "what kind of a DJ are you?")

For an idea of what he might play, check out one of the radio shows he's done.

He was a founder of Leeds clubnight Come Thru and now Season. He designed all the posters, logos and various other graphics. As a result, he gave himself the lofty title of Artistic Director.

Live shows past and present

Future shows
Sporadically No People Club twitch.tv/docterre

Past shows
02/05/20 Heinous Whining #6 with Robin as Robinyhans. Twitch, The Internet. Watch [here](

31/12/19 NYE at Chunk with Robin as Robinyhans. Chunk, Leeds

21/09/19 Virgo vs. Libra Season w/ Florentino, India Jordan, Eruchie, TAYSTII. Chunk, Leeds

02/03/19 Pisces Season w/ Air Max '97, Helix, Ifeoluwa, Manuka Honey. Temple of Boom, Leeds

26/01/19 Aquarius Season w/ Anz, Akash, TAYSTII. Wharf Chambers, Leeds

31/12/18 Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm Trying To Remove 2018 with Smash Tits as The Wobble Twins w/ TACAT, M-G Function. Chunk, Leeds

15/06/18 Tobago Tracks Residency w/ Stud1nt, Jossy Mitsu, 2K, Intentionallycold, Aamin. Rye Wax, London

02/06/18 Come Thru 10 w/ Jam City, Betty, Organ Tapes, Michelle, TAYSTII. Chunk, Leeds

05/04/18 Mutualism w/ Blastah, Don Sinini, Michelle, Aamin. Wharf Chambers, Leeds

17/03/18 BPM presents w/ Anz, TAYSTII, Skrrt. Mabgate Bleach, Leeds

10/03/18 Come Thru 9 w/ Ase Manual, Lady Amz, TAYSTII. Live Art Bistro, Leeds

31/12/17 2017: Don't Touch That Shit Ever Again w/ N/\L/\, DJs. Chunk, Leeds

30/09/17 Come Thru 8 w/ 8ulentina, Foozool, Aamin, TAYSTII. Chunk, Leeds

02/09/17 No Future 001 w/ DJ Stolen, Jakuta, DJ Uneasy, Bae Boy. Take 5 Cafe, Bristol

10/06/17 Come Thru 7 w/ The Large, Finn, TAYSTII. Chunk, Leeds

19/05/17 WWW III w/ John More, Girlfriends, Englesia, James Massiah, Giulia. The Alibi, London

11/02/17 Come Thru 6 w/ Hipsters Don't Dance, Manara, Jessie Beware, TAYSTII. chunk, leeds

31/12/16 NYE at Wharf Chambers w/ Love Muscle, Brudenell Groove. Wharf Chambers, Leeds

20/05/16 8mana presents 64hz w/ Samurai Breaks, Clerk 37, Phrixus, . The Fenton, Leeds

17/09/16 Come Thru 5 w/ DJ Haram, Yamaneko, Jessie Beware, TAYSTII. Chunk, Leeds

06/04/16 Come Thru 4 w/ Florentino, Strict Face, Deep Brandy Album Cuts. Chunk, Leeds

03/03/16 Come Thru 3 w/ Nightwave, Lil C, TAYSTII, The Physical. Chunk, Leeds

06/10/15 Jamz w/ P Money, Royal-T, Parris, The Physical. Wire, Leeds

02/10/15 Come Thru 2 w/ Samrai & Platt, Sycophantasy, Slowcook, The Physical. Chunk, Leeds

06/06/15 Come Thru 1 w/ Iglew, Deep Brandy Album Cuts, Amy Alford, The Physical. Chunk, Leeds

Docterre has hosted a number of radio shows on various stations over the years. He's not sure why people keep letting him, but he's grateful they do.

Season, Sable Radio (2018 -). Music and astrological chat with Leeds' premier zodiac-themed party.Flowsion, Radar Radio (2018). A monthly show showcasing a broad range of fun electronic music with guest mixes from and interviews with up & coming DJs and promoters.Come Thru, NTS (2016 - 2018). Sporadic shows to accompany the irregular party, Come Thru.Big Egg Wrestling Universe, NTS (2018 -). Aside from DJing himself, Docterre manages the mysterious masked DJ Cozy Lariat who, alongside DJ Fuzzy Peach hosts this occasional show of music from the world of japanese pro wrestling. They are the reigning, undefeated NTS Greater Manchester Tag Team Champions (defences: 0)Ligue 1, Radar Radio (2016 - 2017). A monthly show showcasing French-language rap and other cool music coming out of the francophone world, featuring interviews and guest mixes.
Docterre has also been known to pop up on other people's radio shows, either providing cover or a guest mix.
Docterre, NTS (20/07/19). Covering for Michelle.Docterre, NTS (30/03/19). Covering for Michelle.No Future, 1020 Radio (01/10/18). Guest mix.

Harvey has been designing posters, logos, clothing and countless things we'll group under "digital media" for years. He's getting better all the time.
Below is a selection of those things.

Harvey was born in Liverpool in 1992 and has mostly lived in places along the M62.

Harvey speaks English more or less fluently and French pretty well. He's also nailed how to say thank you in several other languages because he "wants to be remembered as polite, if at all."

Harvey enjoys professional wrestling, football and video games. He enjoys other things too but not as much as he enjoys the rule of three.

Harvey doesn't like talking about himself in the third (or first) person, but is feeling pretty smug that he's managed to do it throughout this website.

Front page photograph taken by Cassie Sivapalan.